EfikaMX updated wheezy and jessie images available

A while ago, I promised to some people in powerdeveloper.org forum that I would provide bootable armhf images for wheezy but most importantly for jessie with an updated kernel. After a delay -I did have the images ready and working, but had to clean them up a bit- I decided to publish them here first.

So, here are the images:

http://freevec.org/files/efikamx-wheezy-armhf-20140921.img.xz (559MB)
http://freevec.org/files/efikamx-jessie-armhf-20140921.img.xz (635MB)

you can easily uncompress them onto the card using:

xzcat <file>| dd of=/dev/<SD card device> bs=32768

Some notes:

  • These are uncompressed to fit a
  • default username/password is root/root, go ahead and change it.
  • The jessie image uses a custom 3.8 kernel that I built using Sascha's tree and some patches from Arnaud Patard (rtp). It's not supported, and flash-kernel does not work with it, don't remove it!
  • The jessie image does NOT have display for the SmartTop working, only for the Smartbook, in fact I haven't even booted it on a SmartTop.
  • The 3.8 kernel does not have proper SDMA working so disk access may be slow, blame Freescale.
  • The 3.8 kernel has NO video acceleration whatsoever.
  • I'm still in the process of looking into a proper way of supporting the EfikaMX better, I still have many devices and they all work perfectly it's a shame to just leave them to rot like that.

Apart from all that the images work ok (at least for me). Send comments to markos at freevec dot org. After many promises, I have decided to to work on proper mainlining myself, however long it takes. if you want faster, tough luck.