SIMD book, second update!

From the Indiegogo page:

  • Added titlepage (simple, but will do the job)
  • Reorganized ALL instructions to include both unsigned/signed in the same entity
  • Added Saturated Addition, Subtraction and Saturated Subtraction
  • Added ARMv8 NEON instructions taken from ARM infocenter draft
  • Fixed some instructions (added 64-bit arithmetic for NEON)
  • Added some special addition/subtraction, like add/sub with carry(vmx/vsx), addsub(SSE3/AVX)
  • Added some in-vector sum additions, sum reductions but no descriptions yet
  • Added diagram for 8-bit addition/subtraction (still need lots more).
  • Removed VMX128, couldn't find enough information, an email to some IBM toolchain developers was left unanswered, so I guess noone really will really care if that engine is left out, if enough people insist on it, please also be kind enough to provide some documentation on it.

Still on the TODO list:

  • More/better diagrams
  • Add examples for Assembly instructions
  • Make the C examples more explanatory and add the expected outcome for each instruction (maybe a good idea is to generate a unittest suite?)
  • Add text for the first chapters (mainly descriptions for each SIMD engine), but more importantly explain the datatypes.

That's about it, now that the reorganization is done, I expect to provide updates faster, also I spent some time reading about LaTeX diagrams and the picture package (I know I could design them in something like Dia, but it's actually faster to do them programmatically, once you get the idea).

Please consider supporting this project if you like the idea!

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