SIMD book, update 3! Addition/Subtraction mostly finished

Finally. Apologies for the delay, but it's been a busy month. This time I will hold true to my word and upload a PDF for people to see (attached to this page).

So, what's new? Here is a list of things done:

* Finished ALL addition/subtraction related instructions for all engines and major derivatives (SSE*/AVX, VMX/VSX, NEON/armv8 NEON). With diagrams (these were the reasons it has taken so long).
* Reorganized the structure (split the book into Parts I/II, the instruction index will be in Part II, Part I will carry the design analysis of each SIMD engine.
* Added an TOC/index.
* So far, with just Addition/Subtraction Chapter and the rest empty sections, it has reached 175 pages (B5, again I'm not fixed on the size, it might actually change)! My estimate is that the whole book will surpass 800 pages with everything included.

* Provide actual working examples for all engines/instructions.
* Provide missing implementations of exclusive instructions for the rest of the engines
* Bibliography (I have TONS of items to list, just haven't gotten around it yet).
* Write the rest of the text!

Next update (4) will include:
* Multiplication and perhaps Division as well

Thanks a lot for the people who have supported this effort in the Indiegogo campaign. If you missed the campaign but you would still like to help the cause, the same amounts apply (check the Indiegodo page for details). Both Paypal and Bitcoin are accepted (for Bitcoin the equivalent amounts will be used), please use the buttons in the sidebar.

Note: if you choose use Bitcoin, don't forget to sign your message with your name/email so that I know how to contact you! Other altcoins might also be an option, but please contact me first at markos at freevec dot org.

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